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San Jose DUI FAQ

Will I go to jail if I am arrested for a San Jose DUI?

If you are arrested for a first offense San Jose DUI a qualified defense attorney can likely find alternatives to a mandatory jail sentence. This means that you may not have to spend any time in jail and will likely get credit for any the night you served in jail following your San Jose DUI. Subsequent San Jose DUI offenses or a San Jose DUI with injury could result in a jail sentence and a felony San Jose DUI could result in a state prison sentence. It is imperative to consult your practiced San Jose DUI Defense Attorney to determine if you will likely have to serve a jail sentence.

If I fail to contact the DMV within ten days after my San Jose DUI arrest will I automatically lose my license?

Failure to contact the Department of Motor Vehicles Driver Safety Branch within ten days of your San Jose DUI arrest your license will likely be suspended for four months on a first offense misdemeanor charge. It is strongly recommended that you contact a competent San Jose DUI defense lawyer immediately after being arrested for a San Jose DUI. If you refuse a chemical test or have second or subsequent DUI offense the Department of Motor Vehicles will likely suspend your license for 1 year or longer. In addition if you are under 21 you will likely face a year or longer suspension following a San Jose DUI.

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