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San Jose DUI Defense

An experienced San Jose DUI Defense Attorney will know that there are a variety of defenses to present in your case. If there are favorable issues in your San Jose DUI case, for instance lack of probable cause in the arrest or a low Blood Alcohol Content. For the DMV hearing and court trial it may be necessary to hire an expert toxicologist to refute the charge that your Blood Alcohol Content at the time of driving was .08%. This is known as a rising defense. The theory behind the rising defense is that alcohol does not immediately impair a person, it takes a certain amount of time to effect a persons ability to drive and raise the blood alcohol ratio. If it can be proved that you were under .08% BAC at the time of driving in a San Jose DUI then the DMV will set-aside the automatic suspension following the arrest. You may still face consequences through the criminal process, even if the DMV suspension is set-aside.

A skilled San Jose DUI attorney may also want to subpoena records for the breath or PAS device used in your arrest on suspicion of drunk driving in San Jose. In addition, a defense may present the necessity to subpoena the arresting officer to testify at both the DMV hearing and the court trial. This could help dispute the accuracy of the Field Sobriety Tests and validity of the arrest.

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Dealing with DUI charges can be a lot to handle. You want an attorney who will treat your case as a priority and fight for your rights during this crucial time when so much is at stake. At our firm when we take on a case, your cause becomes our cause. Every single client is treated as a priority. In addition, every case is personally handled by the same attorney from beginning to end. That same attorney attends your court proceedings and DMV hearing. We also take the time to make sure you understand your case and know what to expect during the legal process right from the start. Hiring the right attorney can make all the difference in your DUI case. Please do not hesitate to call our office today for a free consultation.

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